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About Sulamot Hagit (1990) LTD

The quality policy of Sulamot Hagit is one of providing it's customers with materials and services that comply or even exceeds their expectations. All the access material that is manufactured and supplied by Sulamot  Hagit fully confom with the European and Israeli standards, or even exceeds the demands of these standards. Timely service and quality products are the mainstays of the strategy adopted by the management and the employees of Sulamot Hagit.
Striving toward these strategic goals is essential to the company's success.
The main assets of Sulamot Hagit are:
* Ladders manufacturing technology based on unique know how.
* Engineering capability that responds to special needs in ladders and  
* An acidic sales operation spread over Israel.
The working atmosphere within the company encourages every worker to contribute to the quality of the product and the service while striving for   excellence.
The responsibility for the quality of the products lies in the hands of all the company's employees.
Approvals of the Israeli Institute for Standards to ISO 9001 - 2008 shows that we are on the right way. 


Uri Ladan

  • The most established and the largest Ladders manufacturing company in Israel since 1967.


  • Approved quality managment system ISO 9001 - 2008.


  • Manufacturing, importing, exporting and distributing ladders for professional,industrial as well as domestic use.


  • All portable ladders conform with the Israeli official standard 1847, identical with EN-131.


  • The company supplies its customers in Israel and abroad with the entire range of ladders made of: wood, fiberglass and aluminum.


  • The constraction of the ladders is based on unique patents and on protected and registered models.


  • Sulamot Hagit is an authorized supplier to the Ministry of Defense,

        Bezeq and the Israel Electric Corp.


Our Team

Contact us      Phone:  +972(0)3-9021482  | +972(0)3-9021532 | +972(0)3-9021501

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